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Attractions in Costa Brava

Covering land and sea the Cap de Creus Natural Park is a unique reserve in Spain and the largest uninhabited area in the Spanish Mediterranean. The rugged stretch of coastline is continuously interrupted by small, hidden bays. The neighboring islands, the mountainous inland, the nearby islands and the blue sea is home to a variety of rare animals.
Costa Brava
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The Mediterranean is full of Roman and Greek ruins. Along the coast close to the resort town of L'Escala, you will find the fascinating ruins of Empuries a Greco-Roman city considered one of the most fascinating archaeological places in Spain. The Roman mosaic floors the beautiful sea walls are equally impressive. Take a visit to the ruins and discover the ancient market, the agora and the holy square where the temples stood. The local museum shows reproductions of the most valuable finds, which are kept in Barcelona and Girona.

Cap Roig Botanical Garden is a collection of carefully landscaped gardens and a beautiful castle. The garden runs down in terraces from the castle to the seashore so you can refresh your soul with a pleasant walk. The first few terraces are called the Nuns' Terrace, Basin Terrace and Lovers' Garden, all connected by the Cypress Stairway which has an impressive design.

An interesting destination is the Salvador Dali Museum located in Figueres, the birthplace of the painter. The museum features the largest collection of Dali works, no wonder it is the most popular museum in Spain. The architectural design of the museum is also a Dali creation and presents more than 4,000 original pieces. In addition to the extensive artworks including bizarre sculptures and statues the museum contains a store, selling exclusive items related to Dali's artwork.