The House for your Holidays in Costa Brava

Welcome to Pau

Pau is a Spanish municipality in the province of Girona, Catalonia. A beautiful locality situated beneath the mountainous ranges of Rodes and Albera. The hospitable and newly built villa has a splendid setting, with a magnificent view over the mountains, a pool and a quiet garden. It is part of a residential area, located 7 km from the town centre, 20 km from the rail station, 7 km from the sandy beach, 2,5 km from a supermarket and 7 km from the bus station.

Residents of the community mainly occupy themselves with growing olives and winemaking. During your stay you will have the opportunity to taste some famous wines, like Empordà Costa Brava and Sinols. Olive oil is being marketed under the name "Oli de Pau".

The resort offers numerous attractions, like the Church of Sant Marti, dating back to the 11-12th century, remarkable historical buildings from 16-18th century, the castle ruins of the Castell de Vilaüt and picturesque manor houses. There are also some dolmes to be seen, like Vinyes Mortes or the dolmens from Puig Margall.